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Google Glass Available for the Public

To date, there are about 10,000 Glass devices in the wild, the vast majority of which include hand selected journalists, developers, and celebrities.

I respect what Google is doing with their Explorer program.  While it’s Glass is now publicly available Google is still trying to abstain from it being touted as a consumer product.  The overall public acceptance of glass is tepid and it’s uses not fully realized.

The fact that they can limit the release of them without ‘flopping’ shows a keen awareness of the Technology adoption life cycle.


Amazon’s Dash

I believe Amazon is more interested in seeing SKUs people have in their home that Amazon doesn’t carry.  Essentially giving them a window into what people are buying not online.


Why there won’t be 3D printing in every home

James Robinson of Pando:

You’re not taking up against the future by talking realistically about 3D printing. By better understanding its weaknesses, more people would be better equipped to play more directly to its strengths.

When you consider 3D printers  as functional as computer, ubiquity is expected.  When you consider 3D might be more like bread makers there is not necessarily the same expectation.