Grandest Theft Auto

Client number 2 today!  This time it’s a real gamer, well, a console gamer.

Problem – He wanted to play a couple huge blockbusters but wasn’t willing to wait for two 60gb downloads during his weekend rental period.

Solution — I put together a drive with pre-downloaded titles from my steam account and then logged out, now when renting ES Lain a client just needs to access it with their steam account and if they paid for the games, they can play them.

Emanuel  is a gamer, but he explained there is no way he could justify the $2k price tag to get the type of machine to play his favorite titles in VR on ultra with 70-90fps. So that’s where I stepped in.

How long were you in for?


First of all Thanks for installing the Vorpx mod for me, didn’t realize GTA V wouldn’t work that well with VR without it.

Back to the question:

I dropped into GT A V at 8pm Friday and played till around 3am. Later in the weekend I went back to try some VR “experiences” but I think I went way deep with GTA and my eyes were pretty tired; that’s what I was going for though, I wanted to see how long I could stay in for to sort of live VR, ya know?  Nine hours, I was in for nine hours minus food and bathroom breaks and went to sleep right after.

When I woke up on Saturday I felt like I literally woke up from my life in VR, it was crazy.  You’ve got to try it — there’s this feeling that part of you is still there.

I was impressed how seriously Emanuel took the emergence aspect.  While I don’t see an opportunity coming up for me anytime soon with my work and life schedule doing a day-in and waking up from VR sounds like a bucket list item.

What was most surprising?

I wouldn’t say it’s surprising but I look at the world around me even now and I feel a confidence..  Pretty much I can cruz 150km while swerving through downtown traffic to rob a bank. Kidding, not kidding : P.

To be serious though as I write this there’s something different about the way I see problems, like everything is solvable if I just focus hard enough.  Since I’m a dev I already have that ‘god complex’ but now I feel it in physicality.  It’s hard to explain but it’s somehow something different.

Great.  First Kevin and now Emanuel think VR is like the training room from the Matrix.  I sort of get it though, games are all about overcoming challenges with the knowledge that those challenges are always conquerable.  Being deep in breaks the separation of a game being an activity and makes it enveloping so there isn’t that disconnect.


What about next time?

There’s this Parkour gym in the city called the Monkey Vault, I’m pretty sure that combined with the New Mirrors Edge will make me a roof running pro.  I don’t think starting at 29 years old is too late?

Emanuel is now booked for February 23rd 2016!