Grandest Theft Auto

Client number 2 today, and for him I finally got my triple-A game strategy on lock.

The Problem – He wanted to play a couple huge blockbuster but wasn’t willing to wait for 60gb downloads — 2 of them.

The srategy — I downloaded the games he wanted to play from Steam and signed out of my account, now all he needs to do is log into his account and boom — playing on an SLI’ed pair of GTX 980s.

So R6 C4 is a gamer, but he explained there is no way he could justify the $2k price tag to get the type of machine to play his favorite titles on ultra in th 70-90fps range on the resolutions required by VR. His girl went away for the weekend, so he wanted to take have a bit of a trip himself.

How long were you in for?

R6 C4 told me he wanted to live VR for the weekend.  I think what he said was:

In deep, full and dramatic immersion only coming up for nutrition and sleep.

He ended up dropping in at 9pm Friday night and played GTA till a 4am Lift-off.  He used the  Smooth Operator VR Mod.  A mod that switched the user between third and first person experiences at the right times with very clever camera effects to give the player a damn-smooth experience, even in when in brutal car accidents or frantic firefights.

Anyways, R6 C3 cut his rental short.  Some social stuff came up on saturday he forgot about — I was cool with taking the rental back early with a slight discount for the weekend.

What was most surprising?


I wouldn’t say it’s surprising but I look at the world around me even now and I feel a confidence, one that only the rules of games give you.  Like.. I can tackle any challenge from driving 150km downtown to robbing a bank.  Games have made me a confident puzzle solver but no confident in the real world.

Also, VR made me way  better at GTA  because of the feeling that you just don’t want to fuck up.  Looking around me now I feel there is an underlying rhyme and reason and if I just play the IRL-game right, things will be OK.  

What about next time?

There’s this parkour gym in the city called the Monkey Vault, I’d want to take some classes there and then jump into the New Mirror’s Edge. I think combining the real with the virtual will magnify the impact of each.

But before I rent again Mirror’s Edge’s VR mods will need to be improved, they’re a little too jarring right now.