Lift Off

First Customer!

Kevin Chang,  booked my SE Lain build with the Vive from Friday to Monday and since he’s pretty savvy he decided to attach his own boot drive, which was great because I haven’t set up permissions and an disk imaging system.

To sum up Kevin, he’s middle-aged and just doesn’t have time to play games anymore, he’s got a kid and is a general tech enthusiast and hacker (small project coder).

The following are questions I sent him, his responses and my interpretation.

How long were you in for?

I was in for about 4 hours personally but my wife and son gave it a go too.  Nick, my son is a little too small for the headset so I held it on his head for about 10minutes while he walked around minecraft.  I installed some pretty hefty graphics mods, never had the PC for it before.


What were your favorite experiences?

Snow, it’s a snowboarding game that’s all about simulation vs. crazyness. At first I thought it wouldn’t be in VR because it’s 3rd person, thinking about it doing 540 McTwists in first person is pretty stupid.

The first thing you notice is the sound, it starts you off with no music, just the sound of the wind and the crunch of the snow. So so peaceful .  The biggest surprise was how bright the sun was in this game — while not actually “bright” Snow simulates those blue dots you see after you look directly at it the sun, it was really trippy.

I tried some other indie titles but Snow was just so zen but with the right amount of challenge.

Kevin decided to take the same vacation he did almost annually in VR.  Nothing exotic, nothing superhuman, just snowboarding down a mountain with the skills of a pro.  I liked how he got excited about the sun effects and general the attention to detail the developers gave to nature, that’s what really creates emergence it seems.


What was most surprising?

Taking it off!  After playing for hours and taking it off the world felt too detailed.

I call this Lift Shock or “Lift Off”; when you emerge from some good time spent in VR and the world around you is alien.  In some ways it’s more jarring then going into VR, since in most virtual worlds everything is designed and finite;  going back to a world full of visual noise and without controlled purpose can be exhilarating : )

What about next time?
I think I’ll adventure, maybe an RPG — but honestly, I don’t think my wife will appreciate me doing that anytime soon.